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Is this blog dead ?

Meh, maybe… I just don’t feel the need to write about the stuff that I watch anymore. I will try to keep my best anime list updated though, as many of seem to really like it. See you around !

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Summer 2014 was good

I have a fairly low tolerance for mediocrity … when something suck, i don’t hang around waiting for it to get good. Which mean, that for most anime season, I end up not finishing anything or perharps one show. I’m about to finish 4 shows this season.

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Spring 2014 / Mushishi

I have yet to make a post about the anime season of spring 2014… probably because i’m only interested in one show. But, at least, it’s the best I could hope for. If you have yet to watch the season one of Mushishi, I seriously don’t know what you’re waiting for. The uniqueness of every episode, the poetry, the animation, the sound design, the characters, the human stories… I don’t even know where to start in order to do it justice. So please, do yourself a favor, and go watch season one, then pick up season two, you’re definitely not gonna regret it.

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After one episode

(winter 2014) Don’t get your hopes hope… it’s pretty terrible. The anime of this list were selected because they looked watchable… there’s many more this season (you can view them all on anichart) but I simply could not bring myself to watch most of them as they looked terrible. Good luck !

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Best of (2013)

So here’s the thing… I was in Japan and way too busy to take care of this blog (good enough ?), but thanks for the few people who took time to send me emails. Instead of doing a review of the fall anime season, I’m just gonna go ahead and do a quick list of the best anime I enjoyed this year. As always, I don’t particularly enjoy rating stuff from good to very good. So here’s a list of anime I very much enjoyed in 2013 in a nonspecific order.

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After one episode

Here’s the post where I watch the first episode of most anime this season and hate my life for it. Hopefully the first few mediocre anime that I watched won’t be indicative of the season as a whole.

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Gin no Saji

Possibly One of The only anime I truly enjoyed this season… Gin no Saji will probably make it to the list of my all time favourite. This anime explore complex subject like finding your purpose in life and how should we feel about eating animals. A sincerely well done anime with a light-hearted feel with just enough drama. It was to be expected from the people who wrote the Full Metal Alchemist and directed by Itou Tomohiko (I mean just look at the anime he worked on…)

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This anime season sucks

I was gonna start this article apologizing for not posting more on here… however I don’t really feel guilty about it. I mean seriously though, there’s only like one good show and 3 watchable one ? I don’t want to be the annoying brat complaining that everything sucks… but that’s pretty much the case isn’t it ?

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Sexism, homophobia, double standards and a swimming anime.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprise by all the horrible reactions over the swimming anime (Free!)… but i’m quite upset by such blatant double standards views being express on some website with huge following. The young straight white male blogosphere is now all up in arm against female fanservice… it’s over the top or it’s way too homo or the plot is empty . What’s funny is that after a good day of complaining over the sexualisation of men… they go back to watch their favourite loli anime where they can fantasize about having sex with their little sister. I guess this is the internet and it should come as no surprise, yet i’m still upset. Sooo, I went around the intraweb to collect the most beautiful example of straight male anxiety for my own entertainment; and probably yours as well.

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