Winner of a Fantasia award and sequel to the original 2011 anime Blood-C, the expectation for this movie were high… probably too high.


What made the orignal serie so good, was the bold transition from scene of a typical high school anime to something so violent it was rather hard to put in words. I’m afraid that it is not the case with this movie… they went away from this formula and gave us some kind of rather generic ambiance that you would usually expect from any movie with strange human-eating creatures. They really had something good and different… and just throw it away.


I usually take liking in anime villans… they often have a higher level of understantable motivation making them not that evil. But in this movie there’s nothing. The villains, as well as the good guys, seem to have no motivation and are completly empty. You are pretty much left indifferent to anything that could happen to anyone in the film. I remember that in the anime of 2011, characters would die with no warning whatsoever leaving you completly speechless. It is not the case in The last Dark, let them die… why would I even care ?



But if Blood-C has anything right, it is the animation. The movie is simply gorgeous and offers us a great array of character design, background and direction of photography. Perhaps the only minor thing is that the final monster is in CGI and not really well done. It does clash with the rest of the movie and makes it end on a rather disappointing note.





This movie was a huge disappointment… probably caused by me own expectation being placed to high. After all, this movie is what most bad movie are about. A bad villan being evil for no apparent reason, a girl with a sword killing monster with a lot of blood, a random unnecessary naked scene and a forgettable boring cast. soo sad 10/20

(this movie is available today on most torrent tracker if you want to see it for yourself)