The quest of 7 people fighting over the Holy Grail after summoning 7 heroes. Only one may get their wish granted after killing all others. An amazingly well made anime, making the very good Fate/Stay night looking mediocre.

This anime is very much capable of standing on his own and is more enjoyable then the original. Instead of having an anime with random teenagers who just happened to to find themselves in this war, we have full grown adults with a wide range of objective.



With very strong animation (what you would expect from movies) this anime won’t bore you. The main character is an anti-hero who doesn’t give a F*ck about what is right or wrong… all he has is the objective of world peace and he won’t mind killing in order to get there. The characters generally got depth story lines making then much more interesting then Fate/Stay night.



I would highly recommend Fate/Zero…