Possibly One of The only anime I truly enjoyed this season… Gin no Saji will probably make it to the list of my all time favourite. This anime explore complex subject like finding your purpose in life and how should we feel about eating animals. A sincerely well done anime with a light-hearted feel with just enough drama. It was to be expected from the people who wrote the Full Metal Alchemist and directed by Itou Tomohiko (I mean just look at the anime he worked on…)

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Story : Hachiken is a high school student who has yet to fully know what he want to do with his life… with a complicated situation at home he decided to enroll into a boarding agricultural school. With no knowledge of agriculture, this boy from the city will soon come to realize that the life in the country side is much more complicated then he could ever had imagine.

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Themes : Anything related to the subject of our food is a complex and controversial thing. People do preferrer not knowing where the meat they are eating is coming from. I can’t eat meat anymore because I know too much, I simply can’t support such industry. I liked the moral argument that were presented in the show and how the main protagonist managed to make everyone think about their eating habit.

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Theme : The show also explore the classic quest of identity. Not knowing who we really are and where we really want to go. It was really easy for me to see myself in the place of the main protagonist has I too do not really know what my life is gonna look like in a few years. I think this quest was really well portrayed and I particularly liked the few scene with the headmaster pushing Hachiken in the right direction.

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Animation : The animation was great and really appropriate for this type of story.

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I’m gonna placed Gin no Saji on my best anime list. It’s really sweet and sincere… and compared to all the danm mediocrity that we are being feed lately, it’s a great change. And who knows, it might even make you feel bad about eating that bacon.