This anime was dismiss during the winter season by a lot of bloggers. All the young straight male audience felt inadequate by the beautify looking characters of this anime. And what does a straight male does when he feel intimidated and inadequate ? He insult everything and everyone he can, even if there is more to a show then beautiful character design.

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Story : The story revolve around the two main character after the destruction of their village. On the merge of death, they are given the opportunity to come back to life as hybrid between human and yokai and they take it. This anime is very episodic, there is a bigger story line, but most of it is about what happen in each individual episode. I don’t consider Hakkenden to be simply a bishounen show, they do feature beautiful boys but the story does not revolve around them touch each other like Karnavel. There’s always a very nice story trough each episode making it very interesting to watch.

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Characters : Perhaps the characters are not as develop as you would want them to be, yet they are funny and interesting enough to keep me watching. All the yaoi innuendo all trough out the show are of course welcome. At first I was taken aback because the sexual undertone were including Shino, the young little purple hair boy. However, as the story evolve, we learn that he’s actually 18 and that he’s trap inside this small body. He will free himself of it at some point and show us his real dreamy appearance.

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Animation : The animation is really well made. I very much appreciate the scenic shots that they allow to go into the show. The characters design are simply gorgeous.

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Conclusion : This show is not for everyone, yet it does not give the right to a lot of them to bash it. You don’t seem me going around writing a bunch of insulting things about Highschool DxD do you ? Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun season 1 was great and I only expect great things from season 2. Hopefully the story will develop more and we will learn about the back story of the characters.