Let’s face it… Karneval is a huge disappointment. This anime is proving once again, that gorgeous character design is simply not enought to make a good anime. But why are they doing it ? Why would they put so much effort in character design and leave us with a weird uninteresting story ?

Because who cares about making a good anime, what they are doing is manufacturing moments. Here’s the moment when the lead character is crying for no apparent reasons… except looking cute ! Making you wish you were there to hold him or something. But no one actually care why he’s crying, no one is gonna be moved by the emotion he’s portraying. It’s a small moments people will enjoy sharing on tumblr.


Same thing here where our protagonist looks sad and badass at the same time… the only reason for that moment is to make you want to hug him and tell him everything is gonna be all right. I watched this episode 15 minutes ago and I don’t remember what this scene was about. I don’t remember anything about any episodes.


Here’s when 3 male characters share the same bed. That’s the part where you suppose to get very exited about it. Then remembering that it’s a two 15 years old and a 21 years old…  and it is not appropriate for yaoi


Similar to the first moment, this is where you’re suppose to want to hug everything.


Oh ! Mystery ! This is where we get introduce to a new cute character we did not know. The first instinct you need to have is to wonder if we can ship it with someone else.


Oh look ! They’re touching !


so muchhh physical contacttt (still thinking about yaoi…)


Pretty hair moment…


Well, I think that’s enough for today…  Karneval’s purpose is to get you exited about stuff for no reason. Instead of producing a high value and memorable anime, they only invest in character design and forget everything about the story. Some people don’t care and sometime they even love it, they enjoy sharing all those .gif over the internet (tumblr) and next thing you know …everyone is watching the show not really knowing why.

and i’m very much guilty of that myself…. oh welllll