As far as I know… Magi is not an anime about the tales of Alibaba but an anime about Class war. About the role of the royal class (the rich) and the place of the poor class (the slave). A subject so relevant to our day and age that even Obama is acknowledging  the problem of class war in the united state.

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Magi tackle the subject of class war superbly. The disgusting so called king, in an act of at most greed, decide that he’s gonna sell his citizen as slave in exchange for more money and an organize marriage. Our main character will try to reverse the tyrannical regime of this awful king in a peaceful manner trying to bring the city back to his citizen and make it a capital of the people. Of course, he will crash against his own friends who don’t share the same peace views on revolution.

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An anime about friendship, doing the right thing, peace and class war. Not to mention the awesome story, battles and magic element. A sincerely solid anime.

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This anime has the potential to go on forever… let’s hope for many season.