I really enjoy anime with big government overreach, these dystopian society fill with inequality and injustice. A society with just enough similarity to our current situation that we can step back and really wonder what would we do in the same situation.

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Personally I don’t think I could ever accept the situation presented in Psycho-Pass, which probably explain why I think the bad guy is not such of a bad guy after all.


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The so called psycho-pass is a  unit of measurement assign to every citizen in this city… if this unit gets over a certain number, the authorities will be notified and the person in question will be arrested (often before they actually commit the crime…a la Minority Report). Of course such system is bound to fail; even one of the chief officer of the show is worrying about his own rather high psycho-pass caused by stress or other non-crime related issue.

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The villain of the show is a psychopath I know. He killed numerous person and is working quite actively to increase crime around the city. But his higher purpose is to fight this  unreliable and unfair system (sybil). So I’m kind of on his side… and he does have pretty hair.

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Even if she’s not very present in the anime, I would argue that she (the woman above) is the bad guy in the show. No she does not kill people like the official bad guy, but she’s in a position of authority and she acknowledge the problems of the sybil system without actually doing anything about it. Like many politicians, she’s protecting her own position in favour of the status quo. Questioning the sybil system is out of the question, it would shake the foundation of society to it’s very base. She’s gonna go as far as to ask to the chief of the Public Safety Bureau to re-write a report that was questioning the reasoning of the sybil system.

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It’s a good anime…