I guess I shouldn’t be surprise by all the horrible reactions over the swimming anime (Free!)… but i’m quite upset by such blatant double standards views being express on some website with huge following. The young straight white male blogosphere is now all up in arm against female fanservice… it’s over the top or it’s way too homo or the plot is empty . What’s funny is that after a good day of complaining over the sexualisation of men… they go back to watch their favourite loli anime where they can fantasize about having sex with their little sister. I guess this is the internet and it should come as no surprise, yet i’m still upset. Sooo, I went around the intraweb to collect the most beautiful example of straight male anxiety for my own entertainment; and probably yours as well.

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The important part here is “Unless you can handle constant male body exploitation”. Seriously ? How can such a thing be said in the same sentence as high school DxD with a link to the latest episode with 15 uncensored images of girls with huge boobs scrubbing herself on the male protagonist. Is there the same commentary about constant female body exploitation ? Of course not !

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Now once again, this commentary is funny because it’s coming from a blog who’s main purpose seem to be sharing as many images of loli/oppai/ecchi/bishoujo uncensored images as possible. Yet if someone is making an anime about over-sexualise man, it’s the end of the fucking world. Get over yourself.

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“No excuse for why there’s two undressed man in a pool together”… let’s think about this for a second… maybe because it’s a pool and that’s how people fucking do it ? Are you so insecure about your own sexuality that you can turn gay if your genital touch the same water as the genital of someone else ?

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This season will be troublesome because girls can now enjoy fanservice ? I mean what kind of fucking asshole would even think like that (a republican i guess). I’m not gonna shame anyone into liking fan service, people can do whatever they want in their own home. But when you go around the internet, denying other people a pleasure you, yourself, enjoy very much… that’s just fuck up. He also want Kyoto Animation to cancel the show. Because if it’s not targeted at his  very own little white dick… why should it exist.

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I guess this person is not as critical as others, yet, he thinks the muscles are exaggerated. I wonder if he ever commented on girls having exaggerated breast on most other anime. Also, he probably never saw a real swimmer. Maybe he could use this thing call google… and search for Tom Daley. If anything, the anime is not exaggerating the muscle enough. But if it makes you feel more secure about yourself, go ahead I guess ?

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Not much to say about this… it’s wrong, just look up the definition of hentai. Please also note that this person commented 73 times on this horrible website. I guess he does not think badly of female nudity.

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I guess this person had more to say ! Looks like he wanted to make it clear that he’s an homophobic asshole. So there’s no confusion with his bros that he does not dig homosexual innuendo.

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Can someone help him realize some stuff about life ? I feel very bad for him. Poor little thing.

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He somehow manage to bring it all back to how he could masturbate to this anime. I hope he will find a way.

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They look gay… i’m really uncomfortable by people looking gay. They turn me on, PLEASE MAKE IT STOP.

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Science !

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Please, can we all acknowledge the last sentence of this paragraph. Ro-Kyu-Bu Basketball is a masterpiece. (omg). He’s criticizing Free! over the lack of plot yet called a show about young loli 12 years old girls playing basketball a masterpiece  ? I literally screamed when I read that.

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Same dude… he actually prefer to watch hentai for a real story. How sophisticated of him, who knew such person could enjoy the plot of complicated story line as “the gym teacher has big boobs”.

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If you’re gonna play the card of the questionable approach of having young kids sexualize i’m with you…. but if you have (omg) 640 comments on this website where young naked girls is pretty much all there is, i’m gonna ask you to keep your opinion to yourself. Why is ok to sexualize girls over boys ?

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Ha… because of science!  I get it !

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I would like to say thank you to the horrible Seventhstyle website for all the material of this post. You are the worst. As a disclaimer, I suppose I should mention that i’m a white bi-sexual male. Also, please note that this post was deleted from the very popular website AnimeShinbun, I guess they are not ok with calling out sexism and homophobia.