I have a fairly low tolerance for mediocrity … when something suck, i don’t hang around waiting for it to get good. Which mean, that for most anime season, I end up not finishing anything or perharps one show. I’m about to finish 4 shows this season.

Aldnoah Zero

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Wars are disgusting… million of people die for the thirst  of power of the few. In an attempt of peace, the Princess of The Vers Empire will ascend to the Earth only to get assassinated by her own Knights. Using her death and their advance technology, these people from Mars will completely dominate the earth. I’m enjoying this show, even with the cliché “only these students can save the world” story line. There’s a lot of interesting thing going on and certainly worth your attention. High production value. Yes.


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A calligrapher move to a small island in order to find inspiration. This is one of those show you might miss unless someone makes it clear that you have to watch it. Let me be that person. Download this show and watch it. It will be added to my top 25. Watch it, no hesitation.

Tokyo Ghoul

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Co-existence is not easy, especially when it comes to finding common ground between humans and people who eat humans. When both side decide not to compromise only the weak gets stuck in the middle and die. Which bring me back to one of my early comment, war are disgusting. Watch it, but the uncensored version who will undoubtedly come up later this year will be much better.

Zankyou no Terror

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Zankyou no Terror is one of those show that are hard to judge… everything will come down to the last episode. But those friendly terrorist are intriguing enough to keep me watching. If you liked “Death Note” you will enjoy this show. Might be very good, but could turn up terrible at the last episode.

Sword Art Online II

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I’m watching it and I’m hating my life while doing it. What made the first 14 episode of season one interesting was the premiss of being trap inside the game. I’m sorry, but i’m totally not buying into the hype with this death gun narrative. The only small part of the season that I believe could be interesting are the part where Kirito and Sinon are talking about their past and their uneasiness of killing someone; even if these people had murderous intent towards them. No… and the worst is, i’m big Dayz and CSGO player. I wanted this to be good, but i simply can’t stand it. Can we also acknowledge that Kirito looks like a girl to keep the attention of the little straight boys ?

The Legend of Korra

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“The Legend of Korra is not an anime” “what are you doing” “why is this even on this list” “this suck” “you suck” “this blog is suck” The first season of The Legend of Korra was good the second was not incredible, but this season was amazing. I enjoyed it quite a lot. It made me cry and it made laugh. I love tine line the bad people are treading on in The Legend of Korra… it’s never black and white. The only disappointing aspect was that we were gonna have to wait a year to get the next season… but apparently it’s been annonced that it’s coming back as soon as next october. Yeee ! Yes, worth it, but you need to watch everything from The Last Airbender (not the movie, please don’t watch the movie).

Please forgive the lack of update on this website… I simply don’t have the motivation and the time to keep it updated all the time.