I don’t really care about all the hate this anime is getting over the internet. Personally, I loved it. Sword Art Online, is to me, a beautiful love story, great animation and interesting set-up.


This Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game is a beautiful world imagine by a crazy developer. Crazy because he will imprison 10 000 people inside of his game and force them to clear it in order to escape. If they die in the game… they die in real life. Quite an interesting premiss if you ask me. But far from being a simple  action anime with nice animation, the show does go trough different interesting themes like friendship, love, death and living the moment.

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But I will acknowledge that Sword Art Online is not perfect… the second arc is not perfect. I would stop Sword Art Online at episode 14 when Kirito somehow manage to get out of his bed to go seek for Asuna… It would be a much better ending and be one of those anime that let you wonder what happen next, instead of feeding you too much and making you vomit. The weird plot line of his sister falling in love with him was undoubtedly unnecessary.

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Sticking to my initial point… this is a good anime, you should watch it ! Just stop at episode 14.