This is not an official TOP 8 anime of all time. This is simply a small list of anime that I enjoy very much and do think everyone should see. I like making list okay !?

8 // Death Note

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Death Note has a very rich story telling with a lot of awesome plot twist. The interesting character and whole concept of doing thing for the greater good really makes it one in a kind. I watched this anime in two days because I never simply manage to stop myself, I always needed more, more and more ! To this day… i’m not even sure what would i do in the same situation of the main character. To kill or not to kill, certainly a worthy question.

7 // Ouran High School Host Club

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The best reverse harem I ever watched. Nothing will ever compare to this one. The character are well develop and all have deep back story. I love the under theme of sexual identity express trough the show, it’s not every day that we get such progressive anime (instead of some disgustingly sexist show) . A sincere show that will undoubtedly make you feel good.

6 // Zetsuen No tempest

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Yet to be completed, this anime is on this list because it does deserve to be viewed. A Shakespearian tragedy of revenge, love and death. Top this anime with a solid soundtrack  and beautiful animation, you get an awesome anime who will undoubtedly find his place on most top list in the future. Oh, and it has magic and stuff.

5 // Fairy Tail

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Even 167 episodes deep, this anime is still holding it for me. The character and the camaraderie are honest and amusing. With the absence of filer episodes and a continuous story telling I can only find myself suggesting this anime to anyone. I’ve never been a big fan of Naruto or Dragon Ball Z… But Fairy Tail is so much better.

4 // Black Butler

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It’s been a while since I watched this delightful anime. Black Butler was the first anime I ever watched and was quite impress with what could be done with animation. I always imagine that anime were made for children… so very wrong I was. A dark and poetic anime with flirtatious undertone.

3 // Full metal alchemist

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I have yet to watch Brotherhood, but the first take on Full Metal Alchemist was awesome. Trough seemingly light story telling, the show tackle huge subject like the atrocity of wars, the power of religion, the idiocy of fanaticism and the unlawful corruption of government. Not to mention this whole quest of identity and finding a meaning of life. This is one of those anime you need to watch, a pioneer of it’s time.

2 // Jormungand

Jormungand 22

The military industrial complex is one of those subject no one will ever speak of. The media is afraid of it, mostly because of their ties with the arm manufacturers… but this anime does tackle the sad reality of gun culture. All trough out the show, I don’t believe that they ever idolize the usage of gun, in fact, they often remind themselves that they hate weapons and will work in a way to stop their propagation. The anti-hero of the show, Koko, will work on some big quest to stop wars around the world and will come up with one of those dilemma that I can’t even get my mind around. Sometime I think she’s right; and sometime I think she’s coco. Jormungand is an awesome political anime that we just don’t get to see all the time.

1 // Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai


The cruelly sad story of the death of young girl and the complicated relationship of friends after her death. This anime will emotionally compromise you to the point of tears. For it’s realistic portrait of the teenage years and the reality of losing a close friend. For the awesome character development in so little time (11 episodes), this anime deserve to be number one on this list.