Because I think you should pick it up again, at least for one specific part of the Best Wishes season… the episodes of the N series. If you played the Black and White games, you already must be familiar with N. He’s an awesome character who brings unusual depths to the show. So here’s few reasons why you should pick up those new episodes.

Pokemon is known for keeping the same format. After all, why change something when everything is doing just fine. The creator of the show already made it clear that they don’t care about their aging demographic (explaining why ash is 10 and will always be 10). But they did change the format of those 14 episodes. Instead of having the usual hunt for badges, looking for a lost Pokemon or the classic day at a local fair… the episodes of the N series are taking the story to an other level.

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N is a Pokemon activist. He doesn’t want people to use Pokemon as weapon or force them to fight in battles. He’s also against the use of Pokemon as labour (like the Squirtle fire squad). His line of thinking is bringing something new to the anime, something true and honest. All the “animal” fighting in the show would never be acceptable in any modern society. So why  did it take so long for someone to say something in this world? He’s badass and often endanger himself for the sake of Pokemon’s.

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On the other side we have Team Plasma, a rival of Team Rocket, who want’s to take possession of the legendary Pokemon Reshiram in order to take control over the world (pretty classic). Our new awesome character is gonna try is very best to stop them.

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Team Rocket also brought back the original Motto ! And they will fight with Ash and his friends against Team Plasma. Meowth is also taking place in battles… which was very rare in the past.

One of the main character has Dragonite !

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The relationship between Ash and Pikachu is stronger then ever.

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Also… Charizard is back!

And as of today… they are going back to Kanto! I think those are good enough reasons to catch up with your childhood favourite anime.





You think it’s stupid for me to be blogging about Pokemon ? Guess what… Pikachu does not care 🙂